Estate Tax Planning

Create a Bright Future for Your Family

Check Yourself

Are you on track with your estate planning? Use the following ten-point checklist to find out. Just answer each question “Yes” or “No.” Does your estate plan:

1. Include an up-to-date will?

2. Name a guardian for your minor children?

3. Name an executor (or personal representative) and trustee you are confident will carry out your wishes?

4. Take into consideration any special medical or educational needs certain family members may have?

5. Include provisions for long-term health care for you and your spouse and/or other dependents should the need arise?

6. Take advantage of the benefits of lifetime gifts?

7. Include charitable gifts?

8. Provide investment assistance for family members who may need help managing their inheritances?

9. Minimize taxes?

10. Provide for a smooth and tax-advantaged transfer of your business interests at your retirement, death or if you become disabled?

Every “NO” answer may indicate a gap in your estate planning.